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Guide luxe Marc-roussel

Bali Premium, luxury lifestyle guide, was established in 2004 by Mark ROUSSEL with the purpose of sharing his passion and enthusiasm for Bali and its region.  Indeed, since that date,Bali Premium has tried to provide the best possible company for people wishing to rent a villa on this heavenly island. Based in France so as to keep a close eye on the European market and especially the French market, since the very start we have made a point of going to Bali two to three times a year in order to ensure the best possible service to our visitors and members. 

Launched in January 2007, this new web portal embodies our 6 years of experience and all the energy and know-how of our team at your service. Apart from Marc ROUSSEL, the two other main partners, Eric DIVOUX and Frédéric PETIT have contributed actively to thinking up and developing this new project and play an everyday role in optimising the development of this new and exceptional portal.

The purpose of our site is from now on to present the biggest catalogue of luxury villas available and, thanks to the special functions developed for visitors to the site, to allow you to choose exactly the villa you want with ease. From now on Bali Premium puts you in direct contact with the owners or their exclusive representatives.  You can then deal with them only and will no longer need to go through dubiously qualified and expensive intermediary agents to accompany you.  Bearing in mind that the success of your stay depends on more than just the characteristics of the villa, our portal also provides you with the best information about good addresses and activities to discover during your stay.  We are at your disposal and will gladly answer questions to help you in your search.

Your Bali Premium luxury lifestyle guide wishes you an excellent trip and stay on Bali and its neighbouring islands.