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Your dream is to rent a luxury villa in Bali with a professional team who personally inspect and experience each featured property ensuring that our new or repeat clients and guests are enjoying the very best. Founded in 2004 and European expert of luxury Bali and Lombok villas, Bali Premium is now in partnership with Bellavista, luxury rental agency based in Paris since more than 20 years. The goal of this alliance is to offer a unique service to book a villa and to present the activities and leisure during your stay on this amazing island. Bali Premium, it’s more than 300 Bali villas inspected and 150 villas experienced

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Your vacation time is valuable, which is why we handpick and inspect every property. The result? Villas that won’t leave […]

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Each guest is appointed a dedicated Concierge, with local service in Bali and its areas. Upon arrival, our Guest Resource […]

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Bali Premium is one of the few agents which experience villas. We are taking care on service, properties and maintenance quality. Price differences between the villas can sometimes surprise the customers but there is an economic explanation which is not specific to the island. Concerning villas with the same capacity, prices can vary from simple to double or more. This is related to its location and the land prices. Some sites put more in before the villa itself and often silent on the size of external while this feature can affect the tranquility of living (promiscuity with neighboring villas, no view or significant vis-à-vis, ...).Moreover, the Indonesian government delivers to villas owners a license to feature their house on the rental market. Without this legal document, the villa is considered in breach of the Indonesian administration; the consequences will be unpleasant for the owner and for the guests who booked the villa. Bali Premium pays a particular attention to this kind of problem in order to avoid setbacks to its customers. If our villa selection does not list hundreds of villas, it is, among other things, the result of compliance with this regulation.Do not hesitate to ask our experts who will give you all the explanations of the features of each villa in Bali.


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The advantages of renting your villa with Bali Premium.

Via Bellavista agency located legally to Paris, you can enjoy the Bali Premium portfolio, its expertise in Bali villa and, of course,  the local pricing conditions. Experts present in France and Bali remain at your disposal to ensure optimal service. Our big strength:  we know perfectly the expectations of the French or European customers. In addition to the villas presentations, Bali Premium features many addresses and advices that you'll love to discover during your stay in Bali (restaurants, spas, golf courses, schools of diving or surfing, ...)Through Bali Premium and Bellavista partnership,  this alliance manages since many years, several luxury villas rental sites in over 40 destinations worldwide. This can only strengthen you to book with us. Moreover, if you are European residents, we don’t charge additional fees if you pay with your credit card. The majority of agents located in Asia add up to 3.5% on your booking cost.


Idyllic destinations to be explored and revisited


Idyllic destinations to be explored and revisited

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